Luke Gutgsell is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a keen attention to care. He is dedicated to helping his clients uncover ever greater reservoirs of ease and balance.

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I have received bodywork session from many different professionals over the years and after my first session with Luke I could tell he was exceptional. Luke is intuitive in a way that I have found is very rare and he has an excellent sense of pressure, anatomy, and timing. I’m an athlete and a dancer and have worked with Physical Therapists and Rolfers on various compensatory patterns and tight muscles that I’ve been working with and Luke was able to provide me with a very relaxing and profoundly healing experience. He holds an excellent container during the session that allows for ease and comfort on both parties. It is because of this therapeutic presence that he is such an effective body worker.

elana cohen

Luke has a very intuitive and healing touch. I was immediately comfortable with his calm and fluid approach to treating my shoulder pain. His techniques helped me gain greater mobility and function while reducing pain

Stephen Lamar Castor

Luke has a grounding presence. His knowledge and experience of the body is applied directly to his work. It is clear he seeks to bring balance to his clients. His skillful listening and thoughtful application of various techniques do not disappoint.

photograph by Chelsea Petrakis